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Money, Marketing, and Mission 

Summit Offer

Build a Purposeful Plan to Integrate D.E.I. into your business today!

*offer expires September 30, 2022

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Special Offer for the Money, Marketing and Mission Participants

What's Included?

D.E.I. VIP Strategy Sessions

Two 60-min D.E.I. Strategy and Coaching Sessions to build your the D.E.I. purpose and plan for your company.
+ 15 minute Discovery Session

Free D.E.I. Planning Workbook

Receive a free digital workbook to help you begin planning how you'll disrupt D.E.I. using the the questions and techniques our firm uses with clients everyday.  

Voxer Support

1 month of Voxer support once you start your D.E.I. Strategy Sessions

Regular Price $2,000

Price For Summit Participants:  $1.500

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Hi, I'm Chrysta.

I grew up in North Carolina and Georgia where I was exposed to overt racism nearly everyday.


My family lived through the dehumanization that was the Jim Crow South, a time of legalized racial segregation and discrimination. 


The impact of my lived experiences and intergenerational trauma are what sparked my calling to co-create a society where everyone can thrive—regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, disability, or other aspect of their identity.

I use The Six P's to guide my racial justice and equity work with government agencies, foundations, ethical corporations and nonprofits.

It's a tried and true way to implement D.E.I. transformations that stick.  And now I'm sharing them with you.

Meet your teacher Chrysta DEI Masterclass

Copyright © 2022 Wilson and Associates Coaching and Consulting 

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