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Work with Chrysta

Here are all the ways you can work with us.ail

Enjoyable, inclusive, and results-focused gatherings require expert facilitation. Whether you’re planning a meeting, conference, retreat, or planning process, Wilson and Associates has been in the business of facilitation for 15 years and we’d love to help. Our P.O.P.P. Design Framework helps us co-design and deliver unforgettable engagements—ones where groups do their best thinking, conversations are well-managed, and joy is infused intentionally. That’s why people often leave our group sessions more energized than when they arrived.

If the choice is made that people need to gather, you can trust us to design results-focused agendas for your largest meetings, retreats, organizational "all staffs", conferences, trainings, and more. 

Every gathering we facilitate starts with us working with our clients to develop clarity on the four pillars of a successful gathering, using our proprietary meeting design and facilitation methodology called The P.O.P.P. Method©.  









Copy of We Make Meetings POPP_Meeting Design Framework_edited_edited.jpg

The P.O.P.P. Method© integrates in our learning from being trained over the last 20 years in over 10 different facilitation methodologies and from facilitating over 20,000 hours with our clients.

We design and facilitate every session with intention around Purpose, Outcomes, Participation, and Power.

“I don’t know the word(s) to use to express my appreciation to Chrysta for what she  helped our team surface, unpack, pick apart, inspect, and begin to put back together as we work to get better at how we relate to one another. 


I heard from folks I hadn’t really heard from before.  I witnessed folks who I typically always hear from moving aside to allow space for those who rarely share.  That’s a marker, to me, at least, of psychological safety expanding on our team — even if only a bit." 

Staff Member, The Management Center

Everything we do is designed for the diversity all the humans that could be in the space.  That includes paying attention to different learning styles, balancing power dynamics, and creating conditions for equity, inclusion and accountability.


Every so often people need to meet.

When you do, you want to make sure your meetings end with participants leaving more energized than when they came, full of ideas, and with clear next steps.  Our facilitated engagements are the meetings people WANT to attend.  Book a call with us today and learn how we can facilitate your next great event. 

Our Facilitation Services Include:

  • Retreat Design and Facilitation

  • Customized DEI, Organizational Culture, and Asset-Based (Ethical) Storytelling Training 

  • Team-Building Sessions  

  • Conference and Large Group Facilitation  

“We needed expert, equity driven Zoom facilitation of our National Board Meetings. Chrysta has the right experience and approach to help us make better use of our time and treat each other equitably”

Oliver Bernstein, Former Board Member

Sierra Club Board of Directors

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