To advance racial equity and social justice, and to create transformations that stick:  


  • We have to name structural racism as a contributor to the challenges we see in our society.  All efforts to achieve social justice must include a focus on dismantling white supremacist culture, as well as what has historically prevented inclusion, diversity, equity, and access.  


  • We cannot throw a one-time service, like a 2-hour training, at a structural or systemic problem, and expect it to be solved. We have to work using a layered approach, working with individuals, within organizations, within communities, and within systems to create lasting equitable transformations that lead to a more just and equitable world.


Creating equitable transformations that stick requires this boldness, and sometimes that means being a little uncomfortable.


Through all of the services we provide, Wilson and Associates help our partners understand how structural racism and other systems of oppression in this country have created the inequities they are trying to address.  We then help them build the skills, tools, practices and/or policies to advance equity.


All of our services are provided through an equity-lens and grounded in a racial equity and anti-oppression framework.


We love to design and facilitate people-centered, fun, and highly participatory planning processes, meetings, focus groups, difficult “courageous” conversations,  and retreats that bring out the best ideas and collective wisdom of groups.


We provide coaching, training, and capacity building in judgment-free spaces to help partners build a structural race analysis so they can advance racial equity. Intersectionality is our lens, and we weave inclusion, diversity, equity, and access into our anti-racism approach. 


We lead authentic community and stakeholder engagement processes that elevate grassroots voices & stories and provide institutional leaders with community wisdom to support policy, program, and/or practice changes. 


Based on the “Coaching for Transformation” methodology, our International Coach Federation certified professional coaches are committed to helping individuals identify (or reconnect to) their purpose and develop meaningful actions to lead and live more authentically.


We help people and organizations build the skills, abilities, tools, and practices to accomplish their goals.

Services include: Training and workshops, organizational communication, Ethical Storytelling, organizational development, strategic planning, and more.


Zip Codes shouldn’t determine the opportunities a person has in life, but far too often, they do. 


We help foundations, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and community collaboratives build a common agenda to address community issues using a "placed-based", collective impact approach.


Collecting data is just another way of collecting stories. Doing this can help us learn and make critical shifts that improve our organizations and the way we do our work.


We design Qualitative Research activities, (e.g. Focus Groups, Story Circles, Community Conversations, and Interviews), develop Learning Communities, and help clients craft and uplift the stories that advance their mission.

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