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Working Together, Virtually

During this global pandemic, we are navigating the new normal of our personal and professional lives blending together while working from home and shifting to working virtually. With a frequency unlike ever before, we are utilizing our phones and computers to accomplish our work in ways that we haven't had to in the past, and we are trying to find ways to foster collaboration using tools and processes that may be new, unfamiliar, and at times, feel a bit impersonal.

Our collective work has been bound to in-person human connections, and now we have been forced to think about how to maintain connections and intentional collaboration as we move meetings online and away from shared office and community spaces.

Since 2015,  Wilson and Associates has provided phone- and web-based coaching and consulting services to clients across the United States, building innovative practices to ensure these virtual meetings are focused, fun, and effective.

During this time of transformation, we are offering additional services to our partners to help ensure online meetings are innovative, dynamic, inclusive,   accomplish their goals. 

Creating equitable transformations that stick requires this boldness, and sometimes that means being a little uncomfortable.


Through all of the services we provide, Wilson and Associates help our partners understand how structural racism and other systems of oppression in this country have created the inequities they are trying to address.  We then help them build the skills, tools, practices and/or policies to advance equity.

Below are the services we are providing our partners during these new times of shifting to working virtually and online.


We can help you develop inclusive webinars and online workshops where your staff, clients, and/or partners can learn in a variety of modalities.

We can create new content with you, or design webinar content using your existing content.


Sometimes it can seem overwhelming to facilitate a large online meeting, planning session, and retreat. We can help with that. This service includes solely the day-of facilitation.


For more support with pre- and post-meeting support, we offer support to help you produce online meetings, from the prep work to the post-meeting follow-up.


We provide confidential, values-driven and human-centered life and leadership coaching.


Since 2015, we have provided 1-on-1 phone-based coaching to partners seeking to transform one or more aspects of their personal or professional lives.  Chrysta is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF).


We are now offering our training catalog online in addition to our customized training options. Our Training catalog includes:

  • Facilitating Fun and Engaging Online Meetings That Matter

  • Conflict Resolution and Restorative Practices

  • EQ Boost! Strengthening Emotional Intelligence For Leaders

  • Storytelling for Nonprofit Organizations

  • Welcome To The Team Performance Model:  Unlocking the secrets to high performing teams

  • Coaching 101: Introduction to Coaching Skills


Shifting from in-person meetings to those on the computer can be difficult.  We provide the following production services to help our partners make this shift successfully and in ways that meet a variety of learning styles and participation preferences.

  • Advance preparation of the meeting agenda and materials 

  • Designing the interactive virtual meeting & tech setup

  • Meeting Facilitation

  • Post-Meeting follow-up


Real-time strategic thinking and planning using innovative virtual and visual tools to help partners identify what they need to get from​ where they currently are to where they want to be.


​Helping clients support ongoing learning and evaluation by designing online assessments, diagnostics, surveys, polls, feedback forms, and other evaluation and progress reporting tools.  Analysis can be included in this service.


Our founder, Chrysta, is here to champion your work and help you navigate this new reality.

Schedule your Free Strategy Session with Chrysta to brainstorm solutions to what's emerging in your organization.

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