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what we value

We help leaders build the skills and strategies to create equitable and inclusive organizations.  When working with clients, we hope to welcome people into our company culture where the feel warmth and a sense of belonging, as we begin to do important work together.

To do this, our work, decisions, and actions are guided by our beliefs and values, which are: 

Dignity and Respect:  

Every person has inherent worth and should be respected without conditions.  We treat people with honor, understanding, and compassion and are committed to creating respectful and inclusive spaces free of identity-based harm.

Advancing Equity and Justice:

We acknowledge the inequities that have been created by systems of oppression, prioritize the perspectives of those closest to the harms created by these systems, and work to dismantle the obstacles that prevent people from getting what they need to thrive.

Embodying Integrity and Accountability:

We do the right thing, always. We deliver our very best, honor our commitments, and hold ourselves accountable for our actions.  

Building Relationships & Community: 

Fierce individualism will not get us to a more equitable and just world, or workplace. Leading transformations that stick requires we build strong relationships and work as a collective.  Be an excellent teammate.

Cultivating Joy:

Current ways of work can be toxic and joy-killing. We infuse positivity and enthusiasm into our work and relationships and foster a culture where everyone can find fulfillment in their contributions. We believe in celebrating our achievements. We are committed to cultivating an environment where laughter, fun, and creativity can flourish, making our work together a source of joy for all.

Embracing Authenticity:

We believe in keeping things real with our clients and partners, and that includes being our real selves (no code switching) and embracing all of our identities. This also includes telling important truths in service of the greater good. 

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