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what we value

An organization’s values are it’s heart:  they reflect the spirit of the organization, they help guide all decisions and activities, and serve as a filter or “litmus” test for future decisions and activities.  

Many of our projects often begin with us helping our clients identify their organizational values.  Here are ours:

Relationship Building:  

Wilson & Associates creates opportunities so that interpersonal relationships become the foundation for successful engagement.

Social Justice and Race Equity:

Wilson & Associates will illuminate racial and all other inequities; support and promote social change agendas; continue to be responsive to issues of race/ethnicity, gender, class, culture, and power.

Co-design and partnership:

Wilson & Associates  co-designs and co-creates with clients, working with clients as partners with the utmost respect.


Wilson & Associates will always be transparent, value differences, build on similarities, facilitate conflicts in a positive way, and appreciate all perspectives.

Evidence and Innovation:

Wilson & Associates stays committed to learning and peer exchanges, stays guided by research and data, and uplifts local best and promising practices.

Courageous Conversations:

Wilson & Associates  facilitates and creates spaces for candid, non-violent communication between partners that move us to improved practice and outcomes.

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