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With this Essential Guide To Creating a DEI Committee, you will learn the 9 critical steps for building or revamping a DEI Council in your organization, ensuring that everything from recruitment to group governance has been decided. 

Why You Need This Guide:

When it comes to building a DEI Committee many don't know where to begin. This free guide aims to help you begin while also providing: ​

Actionable Insights: You can kickstart the launch of your DEI committee creation process with confidence and proven strategies.


A Holistic Approach: This guide covers the fundamentals of DEI Committee creation from decision-making authority, to charter creation, and building team culture norms.  These critical governance components are required before the DEI work begins, yet are often missed.  


Customizable Solutions: You get to decide which type of DEI Committee will be created inside your organization. We provide tips to minimize conflict and increase transparency.


Step-By-Step Guide:  From Recruiting Participants to Reviewing the DEI Plan, our 9-step blueprint serves as a checklist to build your committee and get right to work on your DEI vision and goals.

Chrysta Wilson, CEO and Senior Consultant of Wilson and Associates "is not only a joy to work with, but her mastery of organizational development, culture, and DEI work allows for transformational work that seems natural."

Corinne Eldridge, CEO

Center for Caregiver Advancement

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