Are you on track to accomplish your mission?

2016 is almost over--2017 will be here in less than 90 days!

If I was to ask you "Was 2016 a productive year?", how would you answer? And better yet, would you be able to answer with actual evidence of the year's performance?

The answer to that might lie in how well you have set goals, identified markers, and set a timeline to track and measure your success.

One tool that has helped many Wilson & Associates clients increase performance and measure results is a simple action plan. While a strategic plan might both evaluate your organization across many criteria and make recommendations on what key strategies the organization should implement to be on target with the mission and vision, an action plan should capture your goals for the immediate future, as well as the tasks you will accomplish within a specific timeframe.

A “pro-tip” I like to provide to my clients is to split the year into quarters, just like the business sector does.

Planning and goal-setting in quarters enables you take an overwhelming goal and break it into 4 digestible bites. Challenges and successes can be evaluated at the end of each quarter, and course-corrections can be made more quickly then waiting for a year-end review. And, as you know, four successful quarters leads to a successful year.

Here are my Pro-Tips

1. Set goals for the next 30, 60, and 90 days.

  • Example goal: Ensure meeting are effective and results-focused.

  • Example goal: Create a strategic plan for the community partnership by June 2017.

  • Example goal: Develop a performance measurement tool.

2. Create strategies to help you reach those goals.

After Step 1, you’ll know what you want to achieve. You have the “big picture” idea, but you need to figure out what you will actually do. A strategy is just another way of asking what tasks o