Racism is Taxing! Impact of Racism on Black Communities During COVID-19 Pandemic

Emerging data on COVID-19 deaths show an overwhelming racial disparity. African Americans are being infected and dying at rates that aren't proportionate to their percent of the US Population.

Many of us clearly see a direct causal link between centuries of structural racism and racist policies (such as the forced enslavement of Africans and the resulting intergenerational trauma, redlining, environmental pollution in Black communities, employment discrimination, medical discrimination, etc.) and today's African American COVID-19 deaths.

Some have said making the connection between #racism and #COVID-19 is just another attempt to play the #RaceCard. Is that right? Or is COVID-19 "holding up a mirror to our society and reminding us of the deep inequities in our country" as Michigan's Governor Whitmer recently remarked.

On Tax Day, Chrysta Wilson, President and Senior Consultant of Wilson and Associates, joined Public Health Advocate and Professor Nicole Vick and Community Advocate Ericka Leann in a conversation about Racism and COVID-19.

View the recording below: