Clients seek Wilson & Associates Consulting when they need help identifying and addressing the key questions and opportunities that will help them maximize their impact.

Our Consulting Services typically fall within 7 Practice Areas. 

Community and Stakeholder Engagement

The Opportunity: Our clients want to connect with their stakeholders and partners and need customized consulting services to bridge gaps and build relationships.

How We Help:  By designing and executing engagement strategies, relationships building activities, and outreach campaigns. 

Community Capacity Building and Training

The Opportunity: Many of our clients want to improve outcomes for kids, families, and communities through partnerships with community residents and stakeholders.  

How We Help:  We provide a variety of trainings that help anyone successfully lead and design community-based planning efforts. 

Research, Innovation, and Learning

The Opportunity: We believe that everyone is a life-long learner.  Our clients are looking for results-focused, dynamic, interactive, and culturally appropriate learning opportunities that are customized to meet their needs.

How We Help:  We are skilled in designing data-collection and data evaluation processes, including traditional research methods and Community Based Action Research (CBAR) opportunities. Our focus is always helping our clients convert knowledge into sustainable action.

Strategic Planning

The Opportunity:  Many organizations experience moments in their life cycle where they want to understand their needs and measure their impact. Often times this desire is connected to wanting to measure their progress toward their mission and vision.

How We Help:  Through the design and facilitation of visioning and strategic planning sessions, which often includes sustainability planning. We also have years of experience in team building and board development. 

Organizational Development

The Opportunity: Wilson and Associates Consulting helps our clients understand that some organizational and departmental challenges can often be connected to deeper structural or systemic issues. 

How We Help:  By identifying structural challenges that prevent our clients from having the impact they desire, and co-designing change management practices that can transform systems.


The Opportunity: Our clients have a sense of what needs to be done, however, they need extra support and thought-partnering to discover their big ideas.

How We Help:  We provide customizable one-on-one coaching to clients to help them move into self-alignment and experience person and professional transformations.

Facilitation and Meeting Design

The Opportunity:  Adults spend 35-50% of their professional lives in meetings. About 60% of those meetings are conducted without a pre-planned agenda. Most of our clients feel that their meetings do not have a focus on results and are monotonous and unproductive.

How We Help:  We are certified in several facilitation modalities to co-design and facilitate meetings, retreats, and conferences of all sizes. Our meetings are always designed with clear agendas and goals, with a focus on results.  Our meetings are fun, interactive, engaging, and time-appropriate.