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Wilson and Associates is WBENC-certified Los Angeles-based Organizational Change & DEI Consulting Firm

We help leaders build the skills and solutions to TRANSFORM their workplaces to become more equitable and 

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If you want to build an irresistible workplace—one where everyone feels able to contribute and share their best ideas—then you’ve got to create an internal culture that amplifies your vision and values.

At Wilson & Associates Consulting, we believe that organizations thrive when they are in service of their mission and in partnership with their people. 


That’s why we’re committed to helping you build an equitable, inclusive and people-centered company culture from the ground up — and why we embed so much joy and fun into the process.


Companies on a mission to make the world a better place have to care twice as much about their internal culture to ensure their actions are aligned with their values.

That responsibility falls to the leaders—the people whose job it is to keep a finger on the pulse and an eye on patterns and trends.

But culture change isn't just a big picture strategy.

In order to lead lasting transformation and design a more equitable workplace, we have to do work at an individual, team, and organizational level.

Needless to say, it helps to have help.

"Creating the conditions for physical and psychological safety is a critical foundation for ensuring workplace mental health and well-being.”

– The U.S. Surgeon General’s Framework for Workplace Mental Health & Well-Being, 2022

Team Building Session


Answer these essential 33 questions to identify areas to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion across 6 domains of your organization.
Download the DEI Diagnostic today!


As a leader, there are so many ways for you to create a company where people thrive. Here’s how we can help you, no matter where you and your organization are in the journey:


"When our organization committed to becoming an anti-racist organization, Chrysta's, background, experience, and knowledge of the communities our organization serves was important to us.


Chrysta has masterfully engaged our team members through training and coaching and has guided us through difficult and often uncomfortable but necessary conversations. We truly appreciate the personalized touch Chrysta has used to support our organization during an important time of transition."

- Nina Vaccaro, COO 

Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles (CCALAC)



We are experts in transforming organizations at the company, team, and individual level using diversity, equity, inclusion, and organizational culture change best practices. Our  Recipe for Transformation™️  gives clients permission to dream a different future, discover what's been getting in the way, build the plan to get there, and do the important repair work that helps sustain the transformations. 


Phase 2: Discover
In this next phase, you work with our team to first diagnose what has prevented you from this future you envisioned and then DISCOVER the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to build a new pathway forward.



Phase 1:  Dream
This is a process of envisioning the future environment you want in place and identifying what will support your efforts to get started right now.

Phase 3: Repair

In this phase, you are engaged in a process of accountability and action planning—ensuring the transformations you make are more likely to have buy-in, helping them "stick" and be sustained. Particularly in DEI+ work, it’s often overlooked that what we’re talking about are real people who have experienced identity-based harm. REPAIR is a key component of this recipe.


Wilson and Associates Coaching and Consulting is a WBENC-certified,  Black-owned, Woman-led firm that partners with dynamic purpose-driven people and organizations that want to advance equity, inclusion, and justice. 

Guided by our Recipe for Transformation© Consulting Approach, our greatest aspiration is to work in solidarity with our partners to eliminate the causes of inequity and to create conditions for thriving.

Chrysta Wilson, MPA, PCC

Transformational D.E.I. Consultant

Founder & CEO

Wilson and Associates Coaching and Consulting, LLC


"Working with Chrysta helped us develop and institute healthy organizational practices that led to long lasting individual and organizational changes. Her ability to connect with folks by sharing her learnings and practices makes folks feel like we've known Chrysta for years. She has a talent for relationship and trust building to navigate complicated and/or sensitive situations that makes folks feel safe and comfortable."

- David DiazExecutive Director, ActiveSGV


Are you ready to partner with an expert team as you work to create conditions where people can thrive? If so, we are beyond excited to learn more about your coaching and/or consulting needs.


Powered by 16 years in business and our Recipe for Transformation©, we've supported hundreds of foundations, associations, corporations, nonprofit organizations, community groups, small businesses, and government agencies to help them with this same task.

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