Deepen Understanding. Make Connections. Advance Equity.

We have created dynamic and interactive learning spaces where participants can raise their awareness and deepen their understanding on a variety of topics to build the skills required to create supportive teams, healthy organizations, and ultimately advance race equity, social justice, and liberation. All of our training content can be customized for your organization.

The Values and Approaches the guide our training include:

Participants are students and teachers: Participants have expertise and are encourage to bring their wisdom into every training

Create Safe Containers For Learning: Create safe spaces where vulnerability is encouraged and courageous conversations are supported

More Fun, Less Boring:  Our trainings are interactive, engaging, and highly participatory

Learning Requires the Brain, the Heart and the Body: Whole-self, somatically grounded activities

Trainings should be immediately applicable: Experiential education where participants reflect, share, apply and practice

Integrate All The Senses: Multi-model, varying visual, tactile and auditory techniques to weave in a variety of learning styles

Welcome All People: Integrative and affirming for different abilities, backgrounds, and cultures

Learning Must Break Away From Oppressive Dominant Culture Practices: Our Training content and facilitated approaches are rooted in restorative cultural practices that elevate the well-being of the community.

Adapt and Be Nimble:  We believe in good planning, but we also believe in the principle of adaptive design. We pay attention to the emerging group needs and adapt agendas and processes in real time.

  • The Ultimate Bias Workshop

    As the nation has developed a collective consciousness on systemic racism, one of the most demanded trainings has been on the topic of implicit bias. Our firm’s own bias against doing bias trainings has been that, generally speaking:

    1. The trainings are often too short, and they don’t allow sufficient time for participants to reflect on how they might apply what they have learned to address their own biases.
    2. The trainings are decontextualized, meaning, they provide definitions of implicit/ unconscious bias and explicit/conscious bias, but they do not provide the contexts of racism, sexism, and other systems of oppression in the United States that shape the biases we all have.
    3. The trainings don’t provide space for peer learning, individual reflection, or create a dynamic learning experience where key concepts and lessons come alive.

    So, Wilson and Associates examined our dissatisfaction with existing training on bias and developed The Ultimate Bias Workshop™ that combines 20 individual lessons from our implicit bias, anti-racism, race equity and racial justice training content, and we added our proprietary models for advancing equity and inclusion, namely our
    • G.L.O.W. Model
    • P.O.P.P. model
    • The E.C.C.O. Effect

    to help our students more deeply understand bias in the U.S. context and learn how they can address biases within themselves, within their teams, and within their organizations.

  • The E.C.C.O. Effect

    We recommend taking this workshop *after* you take the "The Ultimate Bias Workshop".

    Once clients have a deeper analysis of Bias and the connection between Bias and Oppressive Dominant Culture Narratives, the next step is understanding how to begin to mitigate biases.

    In this workshop, we teach you our 4-part process for mitigating bias which is the E.C.C.O. And, when you do these 4 steps, you are able to create The E.C.C.O Effect, which is the reverberating and ripple effect of leading de-biasing strategies that are implementable and sustainable.

  • G.L.O.W. Model

    As more organizations begin to engage in the racial justice alphabet soup (DEI, DEIA, IDEA, REDI, JEDI), they are embarking on a journey that is generally new their staff.

    The central question we hear is how to design an equity-focused anti-racism process that will yield lasting results, or as we call it, "Transformations That Stick"?

    In this session, you learn our G.L.O.W. Model and recommended journey metaphor for what an authentic and equitable process could look like & what steps it should include so that at the end of your quest you have accomplished your goals and vision for equity, inclusion and anti-racism.

  • G.L.O.W. For Equity and Racial Justice

    G.L.O.W. For Equity and Racial Justice is a workshop that orients participants on our G.L.O.W. Model that teaches tools and practices for creating equitable and inclusive spaces. After learning somatic and coaching skills to ground the group in mind and body, participants will learn how to build a equitable team culture that centers equity. Participants will learn the language, concepts and communication strategies that are required for creating liberatory spaces. Next, participants will learn how to navigate systems of oppression that manifest on teams and within organizations. Finally, participants will learn strategies for how to lead equity focused-work that centers people and joy and a sense of wonder.

  • Foundations for Equity and Racial Justice

    Foundations for Equity and Racial Justice is a primer to help participants move beyond the buzzwords of “Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI)” and deepen their understanding of the history colonialism, white supremacy ideology, and racism in the United States and the 400-year movement for equity and justice for Black, Indigenous, People of Color. Participants will learn foundational concepts and terminology to help them understand systemic racism, bias and the movement for racial justice in the United States. Participants explore their own cultural identities and how their own racial/ethnic identities shapes their understanding of equity racial justice.

  • Ethical Storytelling

    Ethical Storytelling will help participants learn how to tell social impact-focused communications that don’t exploit the subjects of the story. You’ll learn how to strike the balance of the great work your organization does, without victimizing or “poverty pimping” your program participants, seeking sob stories to raise funds. You will learn a framework for creating and crafting stories, how to tell stories with dignity where people remain the heroes of their own stories, and learn how to transform your entire storytelling and communications process into an ethical storytelling process. You’ll also learn communication strategies that include social media and fundraising using stories.

  • Dismantling White Supremacist Culture

    Dismantling White Supremacist Culture helps participants understand that this type of toxic culture is harmful for people of all races and ethnicities. The workshop begins with a deep examination of the characteristics of White Supremacist Culture that are toxic and damaging. Participants learn how White Supremacy Culture prevents anti-racist, equity, diversity and inclusion efforts from being successfully implemented. Participants then learn counter-strategies for building inclusive cultural practices that are equity-based, holistic and anti-racist.

  • Designing and Facilitating Virtual Meetings That P.O.P.P

    Designing and Facilitating Virtual Meetings That P.O.P.P offers a framework, tools and practices to help you design interactive and engaging virtual meetings using our signature P.O.P.P. model. This workshop teaches participants how to create the optimal conditions for open and equitable communication, effective discussion and collaboration. and how to facilitate groups to do their best thinking. You’ll also learn facilitation skills to help you respond to common group dynamics and how to center equity and inclusion. By the end of this workshop, you’ll learn how to design meeting agendas and processes to get attendees engaged and to move beyond the “large group discussion” format that has become the norm on virtual meeting platforms.

  • Courageous Conversations and Communicating In a Conflict

    Courageous Conversations and Communicating In a Conflict will help participants understand the various types of conflict as well as understanding the root causes of conflict, specifically, what activates conflict in our interpersonal relationships. Participants will learn tools and practices for identifying the type of conflict they are in and learning how to use empowering relationship-centered communication strategies to work through conflict.

  • Building Equity-Centered Supportive Teams

    Building Equity-Centered Supportive Teams provides an understanding about the four ingredients of an equity-centered supportive team the elevates the voice and value of each member of the team. In this workshop, participants learn the that a healthy human-centered team culture is essential for teams to be high performing, and this supportive equity-centered team culture is fundamental for any team working to advance a race equity agenda. Participants learn common individual and organizational dynamics that impact the development of this idea team culture, and learn tools and concrete skills to building teams where members can thrive.

  • Becoming Anti-Racist

    Becoming Anti-Racist is an experiential workshop where participants will build an understanding of the 4 levels of racism and what it means to be racist, “not racist” and to become anti-racist. Explore how White Supremacist ideology created the concept of race and how that has shaped racial biases that influence out systems. Learn individual actions you can take to counteract white supremacy and systemic racism. Learn how to engage in conversations around race. Examine the connections between white supremacy, racism, and race equity. Learn antiracist transformational practices

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