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what we value

Wilson and Associates Coaching and Consulting is a Black-owned, Woman-led firm that partners with dynamic purpose-driven people and organizations that want to create racial equity and social change.

Our greatest aspiration is to work in solidarity with our partners so that everyone has the opportunity to achieve their highest potential, no matter their income, immigration status, gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, country of origin, or zip code.

We help our partners create fun, supportive and innovative spaces where

our collective humanity is nurtured

our imagination is sparked

dreams are born

strategies are developed

and we co-create bright ideas for advancing race equity

to create transformations that stick.

Our Vision

People and organizations work together to dismantle oppressive systems to create a more equitable, fair, and just society.


Our Mission

Advance racial justice, equity, diversity, access, and inclusion by providing people and organizations with human-centered coaching, capacity building, and consulting services.

An organization’s values are it’s heart:  they reflect the spirit of the organization, they help guide all decisions and activities, and serve as a filter or “litmus” test for future decisions and activities.  

Many of our projects often begin with us helping our clients identify their organizational values.  Here are ours:

Relationship Building:  

Wilson & Associates creates opportunities so that interpersonal relationships become the foundation for successful engagement.

Social Justice and Race Equity:

Wilson & Associates will illuminate racial and all other inequities; support and promote social change agendas; continue to be responsive to issues of race/ethnicity, gender, class, culture, and power.

Co-design and Partnership:

Wilson & Associates co-designs and co-creates with clients, working with clients as partners with the utmost respect.


Wilson & Associates will always be transparent, value differences, build on similarities, facilitate conflicts in a positive way, and appreciate all perspectives.

Evidence and Innovation:

Wilson & Associates stays committed to learning and peer exchanges, stays guided by research and data, and uplifts local best and promising practices.

Courageous Conversations:

Wilson & Associates  facilitates and creates spaces for candid, non-violent communication between partners that move us to improved practice and outcomes.

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