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We are experts in transforming organizations at the company, team, and individual level using diversity, equity, inclusion, and organizational culture change best practices.


Our CEO, Chrysta Wilson, developed the Recipe for Transformation™️ Consulting Framework as an approach to leading organizational change after supporting hundred of organizations and working with over 1,000 leaders looking to make transformations that stick.

Recipe for Transformation is our proprietary approach to coaching and consultation, helping our clients lead the diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, culture change, and organizational development work they've envisioned for their staff and stakeholders.


With its distinct three phases--DREAM, DISCOVER, and REPAIR--we are focused on leading transformations that stick. The phases are described below.


An overview of the three phases:



This is a process of envisioning the future environment you want in place and identifying what will support your efforts to get started right now.



In this next phase, you work with our team to first diagnose what has prevented you from this future you envisioned and then DISCOVER the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to build a new pathway forward.




In this phase, you are engaged in a process of accountability and action planning—ensuring the transformations you make are more likely to have buy-in, helping them "stick" and be sustained. Particularly in DEI+ work, it’s often overlooked that what we’re talking about are real people who have experienced identity-based harm. REPAIR is a key component of this recipe.

When you work with us to build equitable and inclusive workplaces where employees can thrive, you will practice values-based decision making, engage in truth-telling, and we will equip you with the tools that you need to create the company culture of your dreams.

Our Recipe for Transformation™ process creates a healthier and more just workplace.

"Working with Chrysta helped us develop and institute healthy organizational practices that led to long lasting individual and organizational changes. Her ability to connect with folks by sharing her learnings and practices makes folks feel like we've known Chrysta for years. She has a talent for relationship and trust building to navigate complicated and/or sensitive situations that makes folks feel safe and comfortable."

- David DiazExecutive Director, ActiveSGV


Are you ready to partner with an expert team as you work to create conditions where people can thrive? If so, we are beyond excited to learn more about your coaching and/or consulting needs.

Powered by 15 years in business and our Recipe for Transformation™️, we've supported hundreds of foundations, associations, corporations, nonprofit organizations, community groups, small businesses, and government agencies to help them with this same task.

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