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Leadership and Executive Coaching


In the same way that organizations have strategic plans that capture their vision, document their goals, and list their strategies for success, we believe that individuals benefit from having a plan for their personal and professional growth and transformation.

To enhance our community and organizational development consulting services, Wilson & Associates provides individual coaching services. Chrysta Wilson is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Certified Professional Coach (C.P.C.), and works with a team of ICF-certified multicultural and bilingual coaches to compliment organizational development and community change efforts.

Through our coaching approach, we help clients gain clarity, tap into their inner power, and develop their executive leadership skills to be their highest self. When team members are at their best, organizations and communities have the partners needed to maximize their efforts toward social change.  As coach partners, we create spaces for clients to explore and affirm their strengths and aspirations and help them develop personal and professional action plans to strengthen their impact in the world. 

To learn more about our personal life coaching practice, Recipe for Transformation, click here