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Here you'll find all of our current DEI and Organizational Culture services in one place, making it easier to find what you're looking for. Take a look at the information below and see if any of these solutions fit your needs.

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Disrupt Your DEI

A self-guided DEI e-course

Experience 'Disrupt Your DEI,' a self-paced digital course designed to transform your leadership approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Learn innovative practices in 6 P Framework and develop essential DEI leadership skills '


Learn more & purchase here:


1-on-1 Strategy Session

Sometimes you just need to hop on a call and get your questions answered, “pick someone’s brain”, and get personalized guidance and advice. Book your 1-on-1 power hour with Chrysta Wilson and bring your DEI challenges and questions for tailored solutions and expert advice.



DEI Dinner Party

A Membership-based training and coaching program for leaders supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Join The DEI Dinner Party and get access to live training and coaching sessions every week,  plus resources and templates to use in your work, and a supportive community of peers to help you build successful and sustainable DEI efforts.



Culture Clinic

Are you curious about the state of Inclusion and Belonging in your organization and what you might do about it? Introducing a Mini Culture Clinic


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Custom DEI Training & Culture Consultation

We help organizations and their employees to develop the skills to create equitable and inclusive workplaces.  Let us know your vision and we can create a custom consultation plan to help you achieve your goals.  Schedule an Alignment call using the link below.

Starting at $15,000.

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