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DEI Training + Cultures of Learning

We build Cultures of Learning and Communities of Practice so your people get the skills they need to uphold the equitable and inclusive culture you're trying to create.

We offer training.  That's only part of the solution.

At Wilson and Associates Coaching and Consulting, the short answer to our client’s questions is “yes we can train your team.”


But underneath that question is another:

  • how can you ensure your employees get the skills they need to lead and support the equitable and inclusive workplace you hope to create? 

That will require more than a one-time training pulled from our vast training library. 


We believe that in order for learning to be converted to behavior change and action, learning spaces must be designed with intention.

This is why our training and workshops are part of our approach to Building a Culture of Learning where employees learn the specific skills needed to advance organizational culture change and diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.


Download our training catalog here:










We understand that in today's rapidly evolving world, we’re all on a learning journey and traveling at different speeds.  Whatever the pace, our continuous growth is essential for sustaining equity. It's why we're so passionate about creating Cultures of Learning and using training and other practices to get there.

Our mission is to partner with you in cultivating a workplace where learning thrives. We specialize in designing and implementing custom-tailored training, workshops, learning conferences, masterminds, and other Learning and Development programs that not only equip your team with essential skills but also foster a culture where curiosity and growth are celebrated.

Our training expertise includes topics such as: Introduction to DEI, Building Equitable and Inclusive Spaces, Emotional Intelligence; Conflict Transformation, Restorative and Transformative Justice, Navigating Biases Across Identities, Psychological Safety, Psychosomatic Leadership, Understanding Power Dynamics, and more.

Whether you're looking to upskill your workforce, enhance leadership capabilities, or create an environment that values innovation, we're here to guide you.

Training support we provide include

1. Custom Trainings crafted specifically for your team with your unique goals in mind.  Book a Consultation Call here.  

2. Disrupt Your DEI, a self-paced e-course to master 6 key DEI and culture change skills. 


3. DEI Dinner Party, a membership-based training and coaching program for leaders shaping DEI inside their organizations.

4. Recipe for (DEI) Transformation, our free public podcast that provides insights and advice for leading DEI and Culture Change transformation.

"Not only is Chrysta a joy to work with, but her mastery of organizational development, culture and DEI work allows for transformational work that seems natural."  

Corinne Eldridge, CEO

Center for Caregiver Advancement

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