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How Is Your Organization’s DEI Work Going? 
Get the DEI Diagnostic Here!

Knowledge is power.  

And what we assess is what we value:  what we assess (or don’t) is exactly what we'll we get.


So, if we aren’t assessing our workplace Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts, then whatever outcomes we get are what we get, whether they are what we hoped for or not.


The better approach is to look in our organization, honestly report back the state of affairs, so that we can make an action plan for improvements informed by the data.

Are you ready to deepen your Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Culture work this year, and need support to get started?

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This short-version of our DEI Diagnostic helps you and your colleagues take a snapshot of your organization across 6 culture and structure domains to help assess where it is so that DEI goals can be identified and a plan for the future should be based on the results.

This DEI Diagnostic is an abridged version of the exact tool we have used over the last decade and what we share with our VIP Day 1:1 clients.  Now the essential 33 questions are yours, for free!

Hi, I'm Chrysta.

I’m a Racial Justice, Equity, Inclusion and Liberation expert that has been working with nonprofit agencies, foundations, ethical corporations and government agencies to help them develop plans to interrupt problematic behaviors, dismantle oppressive practices, and heal toxic workplaces so that all staff have the opportunity to thrive.

For the last 14 years, my client have come to me and my firm, Wilson and Associates Coaching and Consulting, LLC, because of my ability to simplify the complex, and help clients move beyond talking points to do real racial justice, equity and inclusion work so that our organizations reflect the better world we hope one day exists.

My coaching, training, and strategy consultation around interpersonal dynamics, culture change, DEI capacity building, and building a liberation culture has helped hundreds of organizations and 1000s of individuals become the leaders that are needed today.

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The challenge with most Diversity, Equity, Inclusion initiatives is that they don’t start with an assessment of what’s currently happening within the organization.  Without a baseline of how things are, it’s difficult to create a realistic plan for improvements and it’s nearly impossible to measure those improvements over time.


If you’re ready to get your DEI work started or jumpstarted, the best place to start is to do a diagnostic. 

Imagine you had access to a DEI Diagnostic that was:

Easy to use, read and understand  

Aligned to your values 

Gave your structure for thinking about DEI interventions in 33 ways

I’ve got you covered!

Download the DEI Diagnostic today and by answering 33 questions, you’ll have a greater clarity of where your organization is related to these 6 Culture and Structure Domains:

Vision and Goals

Human Resources
and Staff

Organizational Commitment to Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

DEI Rooted Decisions

DEI Knowledge and Skills

Inclusive Culture

Download here and it will be emailed to you.

If you are you interested in having your organization experience the full DEI Diagnostic experience led by the Wilson and Associates team, or are interested in having a strategy session to explore your results, contact us today and learn how we can help you transform your organizational culture and structures to create an Irresistible Organization where employees thrive!

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