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Lean in, listen closely, and get ready to be transformed.

Chrysta Wilson has been an engaging storyteller her entire life and has come to learn what her ancestors knew and what Princeton University has since publishedstories are how we make meaningful human-to-human connections.

Chrysta believes it's through stories (and the conversations they spark) that we may just change the world for good.


Book Chrysta to inspire your audience to become leaders committed to creating the conditions where they (and the people) around them have the opportunity to thrive. 

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Corporate Trainings & Workshops
Fireside Chats & Facilitated Discussions
Speaker Reel (COMING SOON)
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Host, Recipe for Transformation Podcast

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Guest, "The More We Know Show with Dr. Sylvia".

Topic:  "Racial Equity" 

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Guest, "Money, Marketing, & Mission Show".
Topic: "Building better (inclusive) businesses"


Guest, "A Better Workplace" Podcast

Topic: Bring dignity and humanity into the center of DEI; and other important steps required to lead real change.

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