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Culture Clinic

Let us help you gauge the state of Inclusion and Belonging in your organization and jumpstart your DEI & Culture Strategy with your own Custom Culture Clinic.

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Here’s what's included in the Culture Clinics:

One Inclusion and Belonging Assessment: The distribution of a quantitative Inclusion and Belonging digital survey (shared with your workforce— up to 300 employees)


Consultant Report and Presentation: The consultant report back on the state of inclusion and belonging based on survey results and facilitated discussion to discover connections and new insights.  Written highlights of the survey findings.


Culture Strategy Sessions: Three facilitated planning, learning, and strategy sessions (2-2.5 hours each) with your Leadership Team to identify the next steps and priorities for Inclusion and Belonging, building upon the assessment findings.


10 seats in our DEI E-Training Course, Disrupt Your DEI: Keep the learning and skills-building going as 6 Leaders/Managers in your organization receive access to Disrupt Your DEI©, our digital e-course that helps leading build their leadership and management skills in:

  • Organizational Ecosystems

  • Organizational development

  • Culture change

  • The 6-P Framework, rooted in psychological safety, power dynamics, building purpose, assessing privilege, and building guiding principles, and creating a DEI Plan.


If you're interested, you can schedule an Alignment Call by clicking here to talk with our CEO, Chrysta Wilson, and learn if this might be a fit for your organization.

“I don’t know the word(s) to use to express my appreciation to Chrysta for what she helped our team surface, unpack, pick apart, inspect, and begin to put back together as we work to get better at how we relate to one another. "

-Staff Member, The Management Center

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