Disrupt your D.E.I.  
Six (Secret) Strategies to Reinvigorate Your Tired Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Tactics

Learn how to move beyond the same old, tired D.E.I. activities to put purpose, principles, and people (back) into your company’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts to accomplish meaningful change.

Tuesday June 7th, 2022 @ 10am - 12pm PST

 Virtual Masterclass

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Are You Ready To Jumpstart That D.E.I. Work That Seems To Have Stalled Out? 

Maybe your company started doing diversity, equity and inclusion work a while ago, but you aren't exactly sure what's changed or improved since you started.   


Does your organization have a clearly articulated vision of what would be dismantled, eliminated, improved, changed, or enhanced as a result of your D.E.I. work?


Do you know the current state of D.E.I. and belonging in your workplace?


Have you or others in your company wondered why your D.E.I. efforts have slowed down, stalled, or haven’t made the impact that you had hoped?


The word disruption means radical change:

In our 2 hours together, this Masterclass will provide you with “aha” moments, tested tips, and strategic steps you can take to fundamentally change the way you've been doing (and thinking) about organizational D.E.I. work.  

Hi, I'm Chrysta.

I grew up in North Carolina and Georgia where I was exposed to overt racism nearly everyday. My parents & their entire families lived through the dehumanization that was the Jim Crow South, a time of legalized racial segregation and discrimination.  The stories of my family's experiences, in addition to my own, sparked my calling to to co-create our society to become one where everyone can thrive, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, disability, or other aspect of their identity.

Through my work Racial Justice and Equity Coach and Consultant that has partnered with government agencies, foundations, ethical corporations and nonprofit organizations to help them advance their DEI efforts, I discovered 6 essential ingredients for implementing DEI transformations that stick: what I call "The Six P’s." 

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Here's what I've learned from over 2 decades of working towards equity:


Organizations that integrate The Six P’s into their D.E.I. work–




Psychological Safety

Power & Privilege Mapping & Analysis

The Plan

-can disrupt everything in their organization, while also building and sustaining the momentum required to achieve their goal of creating a collaborative and irresistible workplace where people want to work. 

And, without these 6 ingredients, D.E.I. transformations are either short-lived or are never fully realized. 


After this Masterclass, I believe you will walk away with increased awareness and actionable steps you can take to DISRUPT your D.E.I. and begin seeing tangible results.

Now that you know about me, and why I decided to create the Masterclass,  I want to share more about why people have struggled to do D.E.I. meaningfully.

This Work Is Too Important To Wait.

Disruption is radical change.  Are you ready?  Because, if we are being real, that's what 2020 called into action.  It was exactly 2 years ago when many people across the nation increased their racial justice and equity consciousness as a result of Covid-19 illuminating health inequities while we simultaneously heard a rebuke of racialized violence. The result was millions of organizations activating D.E.I. initiatives.  And now, 2 years later, many of those D.E.I. initiatives and plans are frozen, defunded, or in need of a radical shift in approach.


In other words, a Disruption! 


With the wave of “The Great Resignation”, MIT Sloan School of Management is reporting that employees are calling for employers to:

  • build respect and human dignity into organizational culture, and

  • ensure equity and inclusion are non-negotiables in culture and operations

So the declaration has been made:  D.E.I. must be done radically different than it's been done in the past, which has often looked like using a peicemeal approach to counteract systemic challenges. 

Over the last 2 years, I have seen the exciting, envelope-pushing potential of  Disruptive D.E.I. I've also seen it implemented in sanitized & ineffective ways out of fear, misinformation, and a desire to “do it 'right' or not at all”, causing leaders to miss the exciting opportunity that comes from disrupting and leading workplace transformation with the Six P's. 

Have a lack of clarity where your organization’s DEI efforts are?

Struggle with knowing where to take your company’s DEI efforts?

Experience disengagement or rejection by employees when it comes to your DEI work?

If this is you, then I’ve crafted this Masterclass just for you!

“Doing D.E.I. With Purpose, Principles and People at the Center” Masterclasslass is going to help you get REAL with your DEI work and start seeing (and feeling) REAL change at a deeper level.


If your organization’s D.E.I. efforts aren’t:

  • Rooted in a clear purpose & vision.


  • Being guided by values.

  • Considering the status of racial justice and equity in your service area(s) and where your people live.

  • Navigating who wields identity-based power and privileges in your organization (and who doesn’t).

  • Centering the experiences of the people most impacted by bias and ‘isms.

Then you may be doing D.E.I. in a way not worth doing at all. And worse of all, you may be creating unintentional harm.

"But, Chrysta: we are doing some good things!"

I know you are!

And I can help you take those good intentions and turn them into meaningful impact!

This is the inspiring part:

In this Masterclass, I want to give you the tools my corporate, foundation, large nonprofit and government consulting clients told me transformed their thinking and how they lead their organization’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work.


I want to cut through the noise and get real about why it matters to realign D.E.I. with its justice and liberation roots.

I’ll give you tested tools from my “Leading I.D.E.A.L. Organizations” Framework to help you Disrupt your D.E.I. and reactivate that may have stagnated over this past year.

Tell me this. Do you…?

Have a lack of clarity where your organization’s D.E.I. efforts are?

Struggle with knowing where to take your company’s D.E.I. efforts after the last 1-2 years of doing some D.E.I. activities?

Experience disengagement or rejection by employees when it comes to your D.E.I. work?

Have D.E.I. activities planned and yet no sense about the outcomes you will achieve?

Have a shaken sense of confidence when you think about how well your company is doing D.E.I. strategies?​​

Feel like other people or companies have D.E.I. secrets that you haven’t figured out?

Know that your D.E.I. work could be more strategic and more impactful?

Have confusion about what goes in a DEI plan?

Feel familiar?  If so, then I’ve crafted this Masterclass just for you!

Disrupt Your D.E.I. Masterclass is going to show you some key requirements to start seeing (and feeling) REAL equity and inclusion within your organization.

That's why you should join me for 

Disrupt your D.E.I.  


Six (Secret) Strategies to Invigorate Your Tired Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Tactics

Tuesday June 7th @ 10am - 12pm PST

Virtual Masterclass

Replay to be Provided



"Chrysta and her team helped the staff in my organization take the information we've heard around DEI and learn how to make our everyday interactions more equitable and inclusive...basically more human."

Chief Operations Officer


"There is a way that Chrysta 'tells the truth' about how and why organizations like ours struggle with diversity, equity and inclusion that doesn't shame us:  it showed us that the issues are universal and systemic. And her framework showed us an inspiring, FUN, way toward our DEI goals." 

Vice President, Human Resources

Here’s What You'll Learn
When you take this Masterclass You Will:

Gain CLARITY on your own Intersectional Identity Power and Privilege Map

Understand why D.E.I. EFFORTS STAGNATE

Learn my “SIX POWERFUL P’s”  for Disrupting your DEI  & building momentum 

Identify strategies for moving beyond REACTIVE D.E.I. TACTICS becoming a VISIONARY I.D.E.A.L. LEADER.

Learn a formula for what goes into a D.E.I. PLAN.

Understand why this work requires CARING & EMPATHETIC LEADERSHIP  

Build your CONFIDENCE to lead, innovate, make mistakes in the name of advancing equity, inclusion, and belonging. 

What's Included?
When you take this Masterclass You Will Get:

Participation in the Masterclass

Get a link to join the live-facilitated Masterclass!

72-hour access to the Replay

After the session get a link to watch the replay again!

Pre-Session Q&A

Have the opportunity for your question to be included during the live "AMA" (Ask Me Anything) Segment with Chrysta

Pre-Session Workbook

Supportive resource to follow-along during the Masterclass

Join Me!

Disrupt your D.E.I.  

Six (Secret) Strategies to Invigorate Your Tired Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Tactics



Tuesday, June 7th, 2022
10am - 12pm PST

Replay to be Provided

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