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Disrupt your D.E.I.
A Masterclass 

Proven Strategies to Create a Just and Inclusive Workplace

Diversity and inclusion programs in the workplace aren't actually working.​


You need a successful D.E.I. strategy that drives real impact.

Tuesday June 7th, 2022

10am - 12pm PST

*Replay to be provided*

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If you want to create an equitable organization...

You might think you need to:

  • Do what other companies are doing.

  • Host quarterly D.E.I. training for staff.

  • Create a diversity and equity statement for your employee handbook.

  • Hire a Diversity and Inclusion Director.

  • Integrate vocabulary such as "anti-racism", "inclusion", and "belonging" into your internal communications.

But here's what no one talks about when it comes to D.E.I...

  • Your D.E.I. programs may be creating unintentional harm by not putting people at the center.

  • Most organizations aren't exactly sure what's changed or improved as a result of their D.E.I. work.

  • The commitment and investment in D.E.I. is often too short, making it ineffective. 

  • D.E.I. has become disconnected from the real-life injustices that people have to navigate everyday.  

  • Employees are increasingly disengaging from, and rejecting, organizational D.E.I. efforts.

  • There's probably misalignment between universal D.E.I. core values and the way your organization operates.

7 Reasons Your D.E.I. is Failing

  1. Your efforts are not rooted in a clear purpose and vision

  2. Your company core values don't guide your D.E.I.

  3. You didn't develop D.E.I. goals.

  4. You failed to make the proper investments.

  5. The real-world state of racial justice and equity has not been informing your D.E.I. practice.

  6. You aren't centering the experiences of those most impacted by bias and 'isms. 

  7. Leaders are afraid to take bold action and disrupt the status quo.

For True Success, You Need The 6 P's

Without these 6 ingredients, D.E.I. transformations are either short-lived or are never fully realized:




Psychological Safety

Power & Privilege Mapping & Analysis

The Plan

Once you learn how to incorporate these 6 factors into your strategy, you’ll be able to build and sustain a workplace where people feel a sense of safety and belonging.

Hi, I'm Chrysta.

I grew up in North Carolina and Georgia where I was exposed to overt racism nearly everyday.


My family lived through the dehumanization that was the Jim Crow South, a time of legalized racial segregation and discrimination. 


The impact of my lived experiences and intergenerational trauma are what sparked my calling to co-create a society where everyone can thrive—regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, disability, or other aspect of their identity.

I use The Six P's to guide my racial justice and equity work with government agencies, foundations, ethical corporations and nonprofits.

It's a tried and true way to implement D.E.I. transformations that stick.  And now I'm sharing them with you.

Meet your teacher Chrysta DEI Masterclass

When you take this Masterclass you will...

  • Gain clarity on your own Intersectional Identities, Power and Advantages Map

  • Understand  why D.E.I. efforts Fizzle and Fail  

  • Learn The Six P's Framework for Disrupting D.E.I.  

  • Learn a recipe for what goes into a D.E.I. plan.

  • Understand why this work requires Caring and Empathic Leadership

  • Build your Confidence to lead, innovate, and make mistakes in the name of advancing equity, inclusion and belonging

It's time to do what actually works.  Introducing...

Disrupt Your D.E.I.- A Masterclass

Proven Strategies for a Just and Inclusive Workplace


"Chrysta and her team helped the staff in my organization take the information we've heard around DEI and learn how to make our everyday interactions more equitable and inclusive...basically more human."

Chief Operations Officer

What's Included?

Advance Q&A 

Submit your D.E.I. questions to Chrysta & have your ideas included in the Masterclass. You might even be invited into the live "AMA" (Ask Me Anything) segment of the Masterclass!

Free D.E.I. Planning Workbook

Prior to the session, you'll receive a free digital workbook to help you begin planning how you'll disrupt D.E.I. using the the questions and techniques our firm uses with clients everyday.  

Live Masterclass Experience

A 2-hour live facilitated Masterclass with Racial Justice and Equity expert Chrysta Wilson.

72-hour access to the Replay

After the session get a link to watch the replay of the Masterclass!


Join Me!

Disrupt your D.E.I. 

Strategies For A Just and Inclusive Workplace

Tuesday June 7th @ 10am - 12pm PST
Register Now for $400

Replay to be Provided*

This Work Is Too Important To Wait.

It was exactly 2 years ago in 2020 when the murder of George Floyd led many organizations to launch their D.E.I. initiatives out of a sense of urgency.

Nearly 730 days later, many organizations have deactivated, defunded, or de-prioritized D.E.I. 

Despite this, the need for D.E.I. at work has only increased. MIT Sloan reports that what's fueling The Great Resignation is the lack of inclusion and dignity at work. 

The state of diversity, equity, and inclusion are critical indicators of organizational success.

That means D.E.I. has to be done radically different than it's been done in the past.  


If you don't, you'll lose great employees and money, continue to create harm,  and be out of alignment with your D.E.I. values.

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Abstract Background

"There is a way that Chrysta 'tells the truth' about how and why organizations like ours struggle with diversity, equity and inclusion that doesn't shame us:  it showed us that the issues are universal and systemic. And her framework showed us an inspiring, FUN, way toward our DEI goals." 

Vice President, Human Resources

Disrupt your D.E.I.
Strategies For A Just and Inclusive Workplace
Tuesday, June 7th, 2022
10am - 12pm PST

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