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Design Your Best Year Yet!

During this time of year, about 45% of Americans make New Years Resolutions that are something between loose promises and deep commitments to self improvement. Of those "Resolutioners", on average, less than 15% of adults are successful in the accomplishment of their goals.

What makes the difference?

Research shows that the act of writing down a goal not only deepens the commitment to the goal, but it also increases the likelihood that the goal will be achieved. This is why organizations develop business and/or strategic plans. This is also why nearly every weight loss program in the United States has a food journal component where you write your weight loss goal and your strategies to release the weight.

It's a fact: writing down your goals and your strategies are two of the best ways to ensure you have success.

Getting Support Before You Need It

Another ingredient to successful goal accomplishment is having an identified support team, and getting that team lined up when you begin working toward your goal.

In the field of organizational change management, experts such as John Kotter, author of The Heart of Change, note that organizations are more likely to achieve lasting improvements when they have guiding teams that support the vision and goals of the organization, provide troubleshooting and problem solving support when needed, and always keep a focus on the ultimate goal(s).

At an individual level, a "guiding team" could be 2-3 people you trust that you can can call when you need help sticking to your goal. You also might benefit from partnering with a certified life coach.

Personal Strategic Planning Tool

In the same way that Wilson and Associates Consulting helps organizations and communities develop strategic plans to help them achieve their visions and desired goals, our sister company, Recipe for Transformation: Personal and Professional Coaching, has reengineered a MindMapping tool we normally use with Organizational and Community Change efforts. These three documents will help you brainstorm your goals for the year and identify the support you'll need to be successful.


Here is the New Year, New You "MindMapping" Tool.

Wishing you a happy, productive, successful, and most importantly FUN 2017!




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