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Training Date:  Wednesday, June 8, 2022


1. Training Registration:

All Mercy Housing training participants will need to register for the training so that we can be sure to allow in the correct  participants on the date of the training.


Please click the registration link below to register for the training session.  After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

2. Pre-Training Preparation

To prepare for your upcoming training, you are invited to do the following 2 tasks as heartwork (homework):

2a. Review A Mercy Story.

Prior to the training, the request is that you look at a recent grant proposal, email, newsletter, blog post, or any other community that was produced by Mercy Housing that described a resident story, housing property, or community served.  You've invited to take notice of the language used, how the story made you feel, and who the intended audience of the story is.  Bring a sample of this communication with you to the training.

2b.  Pre-Session Workbook.

In preparation for the upcoming Ethical Storytelling Training, you're invited to download this pre-training workbook with questions co-created with your colleagues.  Reflecting on these questions will help you get the most out of the training experience.  Download the workbook by clicking the button below.

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Hi, I'm Chrysta!

I will be your trainer for the Ethical Storyteller training.

I started working with Mercy Housing California in August 2020 to support the development of their REDI goals and workplace culture.

I’m a Racial Justice, Equity, Inclusion and Liberation coach and consultant that has been working with nonprofit agencies, foundations, ethical corporations and government agencies to help them develop plans to interrupt problematic behaviors, dismantle oppressive practices, heal toxic workplaces, and advance "DEI" so that people have the opportunity to thrive.

My DISCOVER-DIAGNOSE-REPAIR Framework is at the heart of all of our REDI-related engagements.

For the last 14 years, my clients have come to my firm, Wilson and Associates Coaching and Consulting, LLC, because of our ability to simplify the complex, and help people move beyond talking points to do real racial justice, equity and inclusion work to create the world of our dreams. 

My coaching, training, and strategy consultation around interpersonal dynamics, culture change, DEI capacity building, and building a liberation culture has helped hundreds of organizations and 1000s of individuals become the leaders that are needed today.


Chrysta Wilson, MPA, ACC
CEO, Wilson and Associates

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