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Telling the truth about launching DEI Efforts

Since the murder of George Floyd in May 2020, and the resulting summer of 2020 protests and uprisings calling for the valuing of Black Lives, there was a tectonic shift felt around the world.

While individuals tried to navigate what they could do to dismantle White Supremacy and address the inequities that result from the presence of this ideology, so did many organizations.

For some organizations, their answer was #BLM banners on Instagram and statements on their blogs, while others did internal reflections to identify how they could address the bias and racism that was likely baked into their practices.

The result of their existential review of racism and their role in perpetuating it led many to seek out consultants, such as Wilson and Associates, for help. Over the last 5 months, I've gotten hundreds of emails and calls soliciting coaching, consulting, and training support to help organizations "become anti-racist."

Those exploratory emails and calls fueled a lot of the reflections and recommendations that I provided in an interview with Prism Media.

I'm pleased to have been featured in a story by Prism Media & Daily Kos providing #truths and #tips on what you and your organization should consider in your #DEI #antiracism efforts.

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