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Moment of (DEI) Clarity

a new limited time offer just for you

Every leader championing diversity, equity, and inclusion needs a moment to:
& strategize,
in order to develop more
and Confidence. 

Cause here's the thing.   

If you want a workplace & culture that is inclusive and equitable, where the diverse workforce you
already have feels supported, it takes commitment, focus, and plan.

Along your journey, you'll find there are so many paths to get to your DEI destination, it can get confusing to know if you're on the right track.


And, wherever you may be, you'll have questions about how it's going, how you can improve, how to maximize your impact, how to navigate obstacles, and you'll be curious how to lead DEI and sustain the other bazillion efforts you have going on. would it feel to have a space held for just for you, to:  

  • Dream and Imagine, 

  • Explore and Learn,

  • Problem-Solve and Strategize, &

  • Dig into 1 DEI topic or challenge so you can confidently lead & promote DEI?    




Moment of Clarity. 

This Moment Of Clarity is a multi-part experience that includes: 

1. Pre-work (self and/or team reflections and a brief questionnaire.)

2. A live clarity session with Chrysta Wilson-your private DEI coach for an hour.

3.  A week of asynchronous support via Voxer. 

How it Works: 

Once you decide that you want expert coaching and consulting, and that you deserve a Moment of Clarity, you can book your experience online.  From there, here's what comes next.

1. Reality Check and Runaway Dreaming: 

We get so caught up in the "doing" of diversity, equity and inclusion that we don't often pause to see what is the current state of affairs and what do we wish it was. We give you a reflection tool to help you get clear what you want to address in your Clarity Session with Chrysta.

2. Clarify Goals for the session

You'll be asked to come up with one thing you want to address in our session.  This focus & discernment is going to make sure we get clarity and not just have a really great conversation.

3. Virtual Clarity Session

We come together and, well, create some magic. You'll have clarity ALREADY coming into this session because of the pre-work you did. And the session is going to amplify that.

4. Clarity and Confidence

At this step in the journey we've clarified the topic that you presented in your session, and if 15 years of experience is an indicator, you've gotten clarity on much more, too.

You'll recieve the recording from our session and you'll also have the optional access to get Voxer support from Chrysta.  Voxer is voice communications push-to-talk tool that allows you to share short 1-2 minute reflections or questions with Chrysta for 1 week following your session as they emerge, and she will thoughfully respond to you within 24-hours.

Moment of Clarity Process_edited_edited.png

What Our Clients Have Said

"When our organization committed to

becoming an anti-racist organization, Chrysta's, background, experience and knowledge of the communities our organization serves was important to us.

Chrysta has masterfully engaged

our team members through training

and coaching and has guided us

through difficult and often

uncomfortable but

necessary conversations."

Nina Vaccaro, COO

Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County 

"Working with Chrysta helped us develop and institute healthy organizational practices that led to long lasting individual and organizational changes. Her ability to connect with folks by sharing her learnings and practices makes folks feel like we've known Chrysta for years.


She has a talent for relationship and trust building to navigate complicated and/or sensitive situations that makes folks feel safe and comfortable."

David Diaz, Executive Director


Not only is Chrysta a joy to work with, but her mastery of organizational development, culture, and DEI work allows for transformational work that seems natural."

Corinne Eldridge, CEO

Center for Caregiver Advancement

“Chrysta has a heart for this work and a heart for helping organizations create liberatory and thriving spaces for their staff. She is a fount of wisdom. She is honest, direct, and compassionate. She spins metaphors like nobody else to help clarify the work we must do. I'm just grateful for her partnership”

Valerie Evans,COO

The Management Center

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