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Equity-Centered Leadership Development

All Leaders-whether Established or Emerging-require expert support, development and resources to become the leaders we need.

To change what power sounds and looks like, we're going to have to work together to shift norms and cultivate the competencies to create the brilliant, equitable, inclusive, and joyful future we deserve.

We believe that leadership is a characteristic, not a title, and that everyone deserves access to expert support and resources to help build that leadership muscle.


We want to help you (and your team members) elevate your voice, lead with dignity, and sustain your efforts to create a values-aligned, irresistible workplace at your organization.


Wilson and Associates senior coach, Chrysta Wilson, is certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and our agency works with a diverse group of coaches also certified by the same agency.


Through our coaching approach, we help clients gain clarity, tap into their inner power, and develop their executive leadership skills to be their highest self.

  • The Case For Coaching: when team members are at their best, we get the partners needed to for transformational change.  Your coach will co-create a space where you will understand your needs, identify your strengths, and champion your aspirations. You will develop a personal and/or professional action plans to amplify your voice and identify the legacy you want to build. 

Our Leadership Development Services Include:

  • The Equitable Leadership Table©, Our signature leadership development training and peer-learning mastermind.  Find out more here: 

  • The D.E.I. Dinner Party, a membership-based learning community equipping DEI Leaders with training, resources, coaching, and a community of peers. 

  • Executive 1-on-1 Coaching

  • Group Coaching

“Chrysta has a heart for this work and a heart for helping organizations create liberatory and thriving spaces for their staff.  She is a fount of wisdom.  She is honest, direct, and compassionate.  She spins metaphors like nobody else to help clarify the work we must do.  I'm just grateful for her partnership”. 

Valerie Evans, Managing Partner

The Management Center 

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