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Build a Great Workplace Culture with These 12 Essential Elements

A great company culture will enhance employee well-being, reduce turnover, foster inclusion, and can be critical for business success. A healthy company culture not only enhances employee engagement; it can spark innovation and contribute to the organization’s overall success.

At Wilson and Associates Coaching and Consulting, we understand workplace culture's profound impact on your organization's success.


That's why we've created the "Build a Great Company Culture" guide that teaches you our Periodic Table of Great Culture Elements, 12 Essential Elements that help leaders improve their workplace culture and build a company that’s a great place to work.

What is Workplace Culture?

Workplace culture is the social framework of your organization. Similar to the operating system on your computer manages functions and guides operations, a company's culture guides how everyone in the organization (at every level) communicates, collaborates, behaves, and makes decisions. You can see culture playing out when you review your HR policies, the work environment, and the overall employee experience. 

A healthy workplace culture can significantly improve morale, productivity, and a company's financial performance. And, a toxic culture contributes to workplace stress, employee burnout, financial loss, and according to a 2022 MIT Sloan report, it was the number one cause of the employee turnover movement now known as The Great Resignation.

The Periodic Table of Great Culture Elements © 

At Wilson and Associates Coaching and Consulting, we've spent nearly two decades helping organizations build equitable and inclusive workplace cultures. We’ve taken our lessons learned from hundreds of client engagements, our expertise leading organizational culture change and DEI, and supplemented it with research from the field.

The result?  The Periodic Table of Great Culture Elements ©

We created this new framework to help our clients understand the levers leaders can pull to lead sustainable organizational culture change that creates conditions for employees, and productivity, to thrive.

Our Guide to Building Better Cultures

In our new guide, "Build a Great Company Culture With These 12 Essential Elements," we expand upon the Periodic Table of Great Culture Elements and share stories, insights, reflective questions, and emerging research to help you build a company culture where communication flows openly, employees are valued, staff experience psychological safety, and inclusion is an outcome that is pursued intentionally.

The 12 Essential Elements: 

The 12 Essential Elements are the factors that, based on our experience and research, contribute to a great workplace culture. These elements are:  

  1. Employee Well-being

  2. Flexibility

  3. Professional Development

  4. Relationships

  5. Communication

  6. Equity

  7. Compensation & Recognition

  8. Innovation

  9. Equitable & Inspiring Leadership

  10. Inclusion & Belonging

  11. Respect & Dignity

  12. Psychological Safety

Why Every Leader & Culture Change Champion Needs This Guide  

Implementing even just one of these elements can lead to a more engaged, productive, and loyal workforce. 

For example, creating flexible work arrangements and offering professional development opportunities can reduce turnover and boost job satisfaction. 

Or, establishing effective communication practices and designing equity initiatives can foster trust and drive performance. 

By focusing on the 12 Essential Elements, you can expand your change management efforts beyond DEI, and into a more expansive concept of organizational culture change that will retain top talent, minimize conflict, enhance innovation, and drive long-term success.

Practical Insights and Actionable Steps

Our guide provides practical insights and actionable steps. You'll find reflection questions and implementation tips tailored to each of the 12 elements, helping you integrate these practices into your leadership and organizational strategies.

If you're ready to transform your workplace culture, download our free guide, "Build a Great Company Culture with These 12 Essential Elements” © below.

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For more insights and resources on leadership and organizational culture, visit our website and explore our consulting services and programs that can help you build great leaders and great culture.

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