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Are You Ready To: 
explore your dreams,
-commit to joy,
-and come home to yourself

Then you are in the right place.

Learn to release obligations and what no longer serves you
Give yourself permission to say YES to yourself more
Prioritize your mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being.


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 Dream & Discover is a 4-week curated small group coaching + learning experience that offers you the gift of clarity, personal exploration, and soul nourishment.  

Meet Your Coach

Chrysta Wilson  

Certified Professional Coach, ACC

As an embodied life and leadership coach rooted in joy and justice, I partner with ambitious and purpose-driven executives, leaders, and business owners who have achieved their professional goals and realize that there is an energetic and spiritual contract with their soul they need to renegotiate, awaken, and activate.

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Are you a driven professional or entrepreneur who has achieved remarkable success but yearns for deeper fulfillment?


After 15 years of coaching and consulting with executive leaders and business owners, I've gained valuable insights into the world of ambitious, purpose-driven high performers like you.


You've conquered every milestone and met society's definition of success, fulfilling the expectations of family and culture. Your accomplishments have been a source of pride, but lately, something has been missing.


Success once felt exhilarating, but now it's lost its luster. The relentless pursuit of goals has left you questioning if you're truly aligned with your purpose and if your soul and spirit are truly fulfilled.


It's time to awaken your dreams and embark on a journey of self-discovery and soul fulfillment.


In Dream and Discover Mini-Mind, you will:

  • Reconnect with your deepest purpose and uncover the unique calling that drives you beyond conventional success.

  • Nurture your soul and spirit by discovering practices and strategies to infuse your life with more meaning and fulfillment.

  • Learn how to excel without sacrificing your well-being, authenticity, or values.

  • Connect with like-minded individuals who share your commitment to both success and personal growth.


Join us to curate a life where success aligns seamlessly with your soul's purpose. Let's redefine what it means to be an ambitious high performer and celebrate the wisdom and joy in our diverse community.


Are you ready to Dream, Discover, and Unleash What Your Soul Desires?

Dream & Discover ENCOURAGES YOU TO:

  • Do the inner soul-work required to become the next evolution of yourself

  • Name your needs and declare that they will get met

  • Release obligations & what no longer serves you

  • Give yourself permission to say yes to yourself MORE
  • Prioritize your mental, spiritual, emotional well-being

  • Tell your truth and share your story 

WITH Dream & Discover YOU WILL:

  • Get inspired and motivated to go after your desires

  • Learn who you are outside of your accomplishments

  • Make moves for more joy, more rest, more
    eace, and more NOs

  • Experience more joy, adventure, and pleasure

  • Build relationships with other successful and mission-driven people who want more purpose, pleasure, play and peace in their lives.

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Dream and Discover 
Program Overview

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Week 1: Entering the Dreamspace

  • Discovering New Ways of Being and Doing, connected to your sacred responsibility, soul’s calling, and joy-centers. Building off of works that include adrienne maree brown, sonia renee taylor, and The Nap Ministry, engage in what's referenced as the "Dreamspace"--a metaphorical space we create that allows us to disconnect from the attachments and responsibilities of day-to-day life in order to dream of new ways to connect to your purpose, your calling, and joy. ​


Week 2: Envisioning the Future & Reality Check

  • Explore where (and how) you want to be in the next 3 -5 years and what (and who) is getting in the way. 


Week 3:  Being and Becoming (Tending to the Whole Self & Tending to the Roots)

  • Engage in exercises focused on tending to your whole Self. 

  • Explore how you can navigate the various aspects that make up who your are ("your personas")

  • Learn how to quiet the inner noise for greater clarity, express your needs and values, and,

  • Learn who you are in addition to (and beyond) your accomplishments. 

  • Tending to the roots means we begin to address what needs to be planted, and what needs to be released, to experience more joy and freedom


Week 4:  Somatic Soul Scribing and Discovery

  • We explore our feelings to make a somatic map so we never forget. We make a commitment to ourselves about what we will keep at the end of this Dreaming and Discovery journey, and what we will release.  And you will identify the boundaries you need to create and lovingly enforce so that your soul may remain nourished.

Program Includes: 

  • One private virtual 20-minute Intention Setting Session with Chrysta  

  • 4 group coaching learning sessions (replays will be made available)

Why This, Why NoW?

Since becoming an International Coaching Federation certified life and leadership coach in 2015, my clients have shared that while they are excellent at setting goals and holding space for everyone else, what they want is someone to hold space for them and their audacious dreams, so they can move into right relationship with their whole self.

This is why I created this space for you.

I want you to breath easy and experience freedom in your body.  Freedom in your relationships.  Freedom from the obligations and "the shoulds."   Dream & Discover creates this sacred, special place for you to learn what excites and delights you, and what feeds your soul. 


It's time to renegotiate, awaken, and activate the energetic and spiritual contract with your soul.


Who Is This For?

Dream & Discover is for ambitious and mission-driven leaders who've checked all the boxes to accomplish career success, and are now in a place to take time for the inner work that will create alignment between your external persona and your soul. 

Inclusion Note: T
he majority of my coaching experience has been in service of folks who identify as women, agender, femme, non-binary, genderqueer, and queer humans. 

  • I share this as you consider whether this space could be for you. If you are actively working on interrupting and dismantling misogyny, misogynoir, and patriarchy, there is space for you here no matter your gender identity or expression.

Because of my background in anti-oppression work, racial justice, gender equity, DEI and belonging, anti-racism, and liberation-focused healing practices, I have cultivated an audience and community that shares in these values. You are welcome in Dream & Discover if you feel aligned to these values.     

Dream & Discover supports mid-career executives and business owners who are looking for a space to be held for them after holding space for others in the past 2+ decade career.

Dream & Discover is just one of the programs in our Soul's Food suite of coaching offers.  
Each one was created so you can develop from who you currently are to who you want to be,  and get you more of what you want.   So you can become more of who you are meant to be.


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My newsletter is more of a love letter to all of us, with insights and resources I hope will help you curate the life you want for yourself. Consider each email one more ingredient for creating a recipe for your best life.  

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Why I Created Dream & Discover

My clients, with all of their success running departments, organizations, companies, or their own businesses, have accomplished WILD personal and professional milestones, checking off all the boxes they were told to in order to get where they are.  And, in doing so, at times they have felt like they have been put in a box.  They feel like something is missing, and no title or amount of money can fill that hole.   


After nearly a decade of coaching, I can tell you that this feeling often comes from deeper question and yearning that’s not tied to their high performance: rather, it’s a question about their own needs, values, and their soul’s desire. And they haven’t always felt the freedom or permission to answer the question of what their soul is hungry for, or make the plan to expand from where they currently are (especially emotionallly/spiritually) to where they want to be.

I’m offering all of this to help you facilitate this inner work that is connected to our deep emotional well-being, and our spiritual and physical freedom.  

We are so outside our bodies, disconnected from the inner wisdom that connects our mind and spirit to that body, that we are a stranger in our own bodies. Often unable to have certainty in the right decisions for ourselves.  We're looking externally for wisdom when what we need is right inside.

I want to welcome you home to yourself.

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