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A Recipe for DEI Transformation is a podcast for leaders who want support developing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts in their organizations.

In this podcast, we explore what organizational leaders should know and what they can do to "disrupt" their DEI to build psychologically safer, healthier, and more supportive workplaces.

Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace is a goal that companies have spent billions of dollars on over the last several years, and yet, it’s unclear if workplaces are any more equitable or inclusive.

What ARE the ingredients for better workplace cultures, and what are the recipes to transform the ways we work, lead, and relate to one another?  And how can (and should) organizations address the bias harm that sparks the need for repair?

Host Chrysta Wilson, a veteran Organizational Culture Change Consultant & DEI Trainer explores this, and more, on the podcast.

In this podcast, we'll explore what organizational leaders should know and what they can do to build better workplaces, and create a custom recipe for transformation to make their company a great place to work.

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Resources For Our Listeners

Download the DEI Diagnostic

30% off Disrupt Your DEI™:The Course

Download Guide: Build a DEI Committee

Download Guide: Leading Social Equity

$300 off DEI Dinner Party/Equitable Leadership Membership Program for  Culture Change Leaders


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